Good Friday Prayer Stations 2:

The Way to the Cross

The stations were scattered around the nave of the church. Each station looked at the Good Friday story from the point of view of someone who participated in it. There was a picture of the individual, a symbolic object, a story card, a Bible reading card or cards, and something to collect to put into a story bag to take home.

Each participant was given an empty bag and a list of objects to collect along with the words from the story cards. They could take the bags home and use them to re-tell the story.

Station 1: Judas

Items needed:

black cloth, 30 silver coins scattered around, basket of plastic coins

Judas went to the chief priests and they promised to give him money, so he watched for a chance to betray Jesus.

Judas came to Jesus in the garden and kissed him, which was a sign for the soldiers to arrest Jesus.

Take a coin to remember Judas betraying Jesus.

Station 2: Caiaphas

Items needed:

brocade cloth, wooden model of Jerusalem, basket of torn cloths

Caiaphas the high priest tried to find evidence against Jesus.

Caiaphas got so angry that he tore his clothes in rage. The Jews spat on Jesus and hit him.

Take a piece of cloth to remember Caiaphas tearing his clothes in anger.

Station 3: Simon Peter

Items needed:

dark cloth, toy cockerel, 'fire' of sticks and ribbons, basket of feathers

Simon Peter could not believe that he would ever deny Jesus. But when the cock crowed, he found he had pretended three times that he did not know Jesus.

Take a feather to remember Peter disowning Jesus three times before the cock crowed.

Station 4: King Herod

Items needed:

purple cloth, jewelled crown, basket of pieces of jewelled fabric

King Herod wanted to see Jesus performing miracles. When Jesus didn't answer him, Herod dressed Jesus up in fine clothes and mocked and ridiculed him.

Take a piece of cloth to remember Herod dressing Jesus in a fine robe and mocking him.

Station 5: Pontius Pilate

Items needed:

shimmery blue cloth, jug and bowl, basket of blue shimmer stones

Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, did not want to kill Jesus, so he washed his hands to show it was not his decision.

Take a shimmery blue stone to remember Pilate washing his hands when he handed Jesus over to die.

Station 6: The soldiers

Items needed:

red cloth, scarlet cloak, crown of thorns on purple cloth, dice, basket of nails

The Roman soldiers dressed Jesus as a 'king' in a scarlet robe and a crown of thorns, then led him out and nailed him onto a cross. They cast lots for his clothes.

Take a nail to remember the Roman soldiers nailing Jesus to the cross.

Station 7: Simon of Cyrene

Items needed:

brown cloth, wooden cross and holding crosses, basket of pieces of wood

Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for Jesus.

Take a piece of wood to remember Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross.

Station 8: The thieves

Items needed:

hessian cloth, bowl of sand, 3 crosses, scraps of hessian

One of the criminals who was crucified with Jesus shouted insults, but the other knew Jesus had done nothing wrong, and asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom.

Take a piece of rough cloth to remember the criminals who died with Jesus.

Station 9: Mary

Items needed:

dark cloth with sparkly threads, crucifix and wooden figures of a man and a woman, basket of hearts

Jesus' mother Mary followed him to the cross. Jesus told Mary and his dear friend John to be a mother and son to each other.

Take a heart to remember the mother Mary's love and sorrow

Station 10: The person with the sponge

Items needed:

dark cloth, piece of sponge and stick, basket of pieces of sponge

The people standing around the cross heard Jesus shout out. One of them offered him a sponge soaked in vinegar.

Take a piece of sponge to remember the person who offered Jesus a drink.

Station 11: The Roman soldier

Items needed:

red cloth, spear, basket of red silk petals

The soldier pierced Jesus' side with a spear, and blood and water flowed out.

Take a petal to remember the soldier who pierced Jesus' side with a spear, and saw drops of blood and water.

Station 12: The Roman Centurion

Items needed:

gold mesh cloth draped over tumbled pile of bricks, basket of jewelled crosses

The Roman centurion felt the earthquake when Jesus died, and he knew that Jesus was the Son of God.

Take a jewel cross to remember the Centurion who realised that Jesus was the Son of God.

Station 13: Joseph of Arimathea

Items needed:

green cloth with leaves and flowers, large stone, basket of stones

Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus' body to his own new tomb, and rolled a stone over the entrance.

Take a stone to remember the stone that Joseph of Arimathea rolled in front of the tomb.

Station 14: Nicodemus

Items needed:

white sparkly cloth, white shroud, basket of linen strips

Nicodemus helped Joseph to carry Jesus' body and get it ready for burial.

Take a strip of cloth to remember Nicodemus wrapping up Jesus' body.

Station 15: The women

Items needed:

grey cloth, bowl of spices and perfume jar, basket of cloves

The women followed Jesus at a distance, all the way to the tomb. Then they went home to prepare spices and perfumes.

Take some cloves to remember the women who watched and waited.

In the chancel, there was a chance to reflect

Station 16: We are the people of God

Items needed:

orange sparkly cloth, wooden people of God figures, basket of people of God cut-outs

I wonder where you are in this story?

Take one of the paper people of God cut-outs. You could either put it in your story bag, or put it by the picture of the person you would most like to be with to experience Good Friday.

Station 17: Creative response

Items needed:

purple cloths, A5 colouring sheets of Good Friday images, gel pens, glue sticks, plain paper, pens, crayons, pastels, postcards of stations of the cross

You could colour a picture to glue onto your story bag. You could draw your own picture of this story.

Station 18: Prayer response

Items needed:

purple cloth, cross shapes, pens, basket to put prayers in

You could write or draw a prayer on a cross shape.

After the service refreshments were served in the church hall, and there was a large selection of Good Friday themed crafts for all-age participation.