For children, Christmas often ends on Christmas Day but the story goes on...

Christmas is followed by the celebration of Epiphany, when the Magi, or wise men, visited the infant Jesus.

The figures of the Magi may not have been put in the stable at Christmas. Instead, they may have journeyed around the church and placed in the Crib at the Epiphany service.

In some churches children and adults may dress up as Magi and join in the procession.

Epiphany means to make known or reveal. The season begins with the revelation of the Christ Child to the wise men and may continue with Jesus' baptism and the wedding at Cana; it ends with the celebration of Candlemas when the Christ Child was revealed to Simeon and Anna.

How can we enable children to enter into this season of Epiphany?

Epiphany resources

Epiphany Liquid Worship Prayer stations to celebrate the visit of the wise men, reflecting on gifts, journeying and the Christmas king.