The Spiritual Child Network:

Awe and Wonder

Together on the Way

Children's Ministry Matters

Celebrating children's spirituality, their insights, experiences, gifts and questions.

Discovering ways we can travel alongside children on our shared Christian journey of faith.

Providing support, ideas and resources for those involved in children's ministry within a Christian context.

What's new:

Saints and Pilgrims: An event for schools involving telling the stories of Julian of Norwich, Maximilian Kolbe and Francis of Assissi at different stations, with relfective questions and creative response.

What's where:

Spirituality Links to: Prayer; Godly Play; Sacred Space and Story

The Child in Church Links to: Thoughts on Worship; Services; Elements of Worship; Prayer Stations; Under 5s; Baptism; Holy Communion; Liturgy Boxes and Children's areas in church.

Seasons and Festivals The church year from Advent to Christ the King. Including Seasonal Journey from Lent to Pentecost and Tree of Life - using a Christmas tree cross from Christmas to Creation.

The Child and Community Links to: Children at home; Schools; Footsteps and Creative Church (reaching out to those who don't attend church); Wider Community and Special needs.

Seasonal material:

Tree of Life

How one church made their Christmas tree into a cross and used it throughout Lent, Holy Week and beyond. Click here

A Seasonal Journey

We decided to use the chancel to create a focus for Lent, which grew into an Easter garden, a well for Pentecost, and then flowed out into the rest of the church as the River of Life. Click here


Wind and Flame: Stations and stories for Pentecost. This creative and interactive event was used with classes from our local primary school and at our after school Footsteps event.

Worship focus: Creating a worship focus for Pentecost

Prayer focus: Using a Pentecost prayer tree

Children's response: How do children respond when using Pentecost materials?

Prayer Stations: All Age Worship with prayer stations: The Holy Spirit - inspiring, encouraging, comforting...


Presentation: A Trinity presentation for All Age Worship

Under 5s: God is three.. and God is one... A response by a group of under 5s to a presentation on the Trinity