The child and community

A child's first and most important community is that of their family; gradually their horizons expand and they become part of other communities - church, pre-school or nursery, school, community organisations such as Girls Brigade or Beavers.

For a child to be a whole person their spirituality needs to be nurtured within these communities.

It is not always easy to do this in our current culture, with its emphasis on consumerism, attainment and individualism. We need to look for ways that children can experience awe, have time to reflect, ask questions and build relationships.

How can we best nurture children's spirituality at home, school and in the wider community?

The child and community

Children at home: Nurturing children's spirituality in the home; including creating sacred space, the place of story, using books, play and children's responses.

Schools: Including prayer spaces, Godly Play, workshops and R.E. days and more...

Footsteps: Reaching out to children and families who have little or no contact with church. A variety of different events offering storytelling, drama, reflection, creative activities, prayer response and refreshments.

Creative church: Informal opportunities for story, play prayer and multi-sensory activities

Wider community: How is the church involved in the local community? Church anniversaries, local community groups, taking action

Special needs: How do we include children with special needs?