Christingle services are held to support the work of the Children's Society.

It aims to help disadvantaged children - those living in poverty, refugees and migrants, those who are sexually exploited, physically or emotionally abused or neglected.

The Children's Society runs local projects, conducts research and lobbies government and other agencies.

The Christingle itself has become a much loved symbol - the orange representing the world, the red ribbon for the love and blood of Christ, the fruits for creation and the candle for Jesus the Light of the World.

Christingle services are held throughout Advent, on Christmas Eve, New Year or Twelfth Night - some churches even hold them at Candlemas!

Christingle resources

Christingle service: A service focusing on the themes of creation, the garden, God's love for his people and light...

Christingle talk: A talk for a Christingle service focussing on the story of the first Christingle and Bishop Johannes who gave the children a candle tied with red ribbon...