Bible Sunday

What place does the Bible have in the context of our children's work?

Do we try to help children engage with the whole of the Biblical narrative or just with selected stories - the so called "kiddie gospel"? Do we make sure the children understand the moral of the story or allow them to make their own meaning from it?

How do we use the non-narrative parts of the Bible for example the psalms, the proverbs and the letters?

Bible Sunday gives us an opportunity to engage not just with the Bible as a whole, but also with the impact it has had on the lives of others.

Bible Sunday Resources

Prayer Stations for the Bible: Including the books of the Bible, writers of the Bible, the Bible under threat, the Bible through the ages and more...

Bible day: A whole school R.E day focusing on the big story of the Bible; the books of the Prophets; how the Bible came down to us; the Bible in worship and how Christians use the Bible today.