Lent is a time of preparation leading up to Holy Week, the Passion and the Crucifixion.

Children's experience of Lent is often limited to Shrove Tuesday and pancakes and discussions about what people are giving up for Lent.

It is a difficult season to engage in with children, as it is a time for self reflection.

However, the stories and images which children encounter in Lent such as the desert and the wilderness, journeying and the cross, can offer them opportunities for reflection.

How can we help children reflect and become engaged in the season of Lent?

Lent resources

Lent: Jesus in the Wilderness: An event for schools with reflective story telling and creative response. Special areas of the church were set up for the different stations: bread and stones, the pinnacle of the temple and the kingdoms of the world. This was also offered after school as part of our Footsteps project.

Under 5s: Pray and play stations for under 5s based on Jesus' experience in the wilderness. Including Jesus' baptism, bread or stones; the pinnacle of the temple and all the kingdoms of the world.

Sensory Lent: An All Age event for Lent. "Into the wilderness" uses our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste to look at different aspects of Lent, including Shrove Tuesday, Jesus' baptism and his experience in the wilderness.

Lent focus: Creating a worship focus for Lent.

Lent books: "Weaving a journey through Lent" by Rachel Nicholls. How one family used this book during Lent.