Stories for the Advent Wreath

inpsired by Godly Play

Introduction - used every week:

This is the season of Advent. Lay out purple cloth

It is the time of the colour purple. Purple is a royal colour, a colour for a king. It is also a serious colour – a colour to help us to think deeply, and find the right way to go. Place praying hands on cloth

Advent is a time to stop and pray, to think about what is really important. Place compass on cloth

It is a time to discover which direction to move in. Place crown on cloth

It is a time for watching and waiting for a king who is coming, and also for travelling together to meet him.

We are looking out for a king, but he isn't the sort of king who wears jewels and lives in a beautiful palace.

We are travelling to meet a tiny baby who will be born in a stable. Place baby on the cloth

But there is more to it than this.

He will be a human baby, but he is also the Son of God – the light shining in the darkness. Light glittery battery candle

And he is also the one who sits on a throne in heaven and will welcome all his people at the end of time.
Place picture of Christ in majesty on cloth

He is the one who will come point to baby

He is the one who has already come place Jesus figure behind baby

He is the one who will come again place risen Christ behind them both

Point to Advent Wreath

This is the advent wreath. It has four coloured candles - one for every Sunday in Advent, and a white candle in the middle for Christmas Day.

The lights help us to remember stories from the Bible about people who point the way. It is a bit like a compass pointing directions. North, South, East West.

Lift up the compass

Which way shall we go?