Advent Prayer Stations 1: The prophets

A time to prepare for Christ's coming

Our prayer stations are used during All Age Worship and then left on display in the church for a week, so that they can be experienced by visitors. For more information see Prayer Stations


The prophets, focussing on how their words and their lives point the way to the coming of the Messiah


We used the Godly Play story "The Prophets." This focuses on the division of the kingdom into northern and southern kingdoms and the role of the prophets in reminding the people of God who they really are. It includes Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the three Isaiahs.

Bible reading:

Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 2 and verses 6 - 8

Station 1: The Prophets

A short description of each of the Bible's prophetic books was written on card and laid on the underlay, with a selection of symbols (Bethlehem for Micah, a lion for Daniel, two birds for Elijah).

At the back was the cross with a crown to show the prophets pointing the way to the king...

In the centre of the nave we had a Jesse Tree, the first time we had used one during Advent.


The prophets spoke for God: The treasure of all nations shall come (Haggai); The Lord, your God, is in your midst (Zephaniah)...

Prayer Activity:

Read about the prophets or remember their stories. Who do you feel closest to?

Play Activity:

Choose a prophet and make their symbol for the Jesse tree.

Station 2: Isaiah

Red and gold cloths were used to give the appearance of flames and the tongs (just visible on the font) held a piece of coal.


"In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne..." We used all of this Bible reading including "Here am I send me." We also included a couple of the prophecies - "the lion and the yearling together..." and "the people that have walked in darkness have seen a great light."

Prayer Activity:

Advent is a time of preparation, a time to respond to God's call "Who can I send?" You may like to put a piece of coal in the bowl as a symbol of your response to God's call.

Play Activity:

Choose a symbol to make for Isaiah and add it to the Jesse tree.

Station 3: Jeremiah, the weeping prophet

Clay jars, lumps of clay and home made clay pots were placed around the area. Purple petals were strewn around to represent tears.


"Jeremiah had many difficulties attacked by his brothers, beaten and put in the stocks, imprisoned by the king, threatened with death. He is sometimes called the weeping prophet." We also had the story of Jeremiah watching the potter at work.

Prayer Activity:

Advent is a time of preparation, a time for allowing God to change us. As a symbol of this you might like to make a little pot out of clay and place it by the Jesse tree.

Play Activity:

Choose a symbol to make for Jeremiah and add it to the Jesse tree.

Station 4: Ezekiel

We cut up a small plastic skeleton (left over from Halloween) for the valley of dry bones and added a wooden model of Jerusalem.


"One time God showed Ezekiel a pile of dry bones. God breathed new life into them and they became alive. God said, 'I will put my Spirit in them and they will live.'

Ezekiel was a prophet to the people in exile in Babylon. He had many visions. At first most of the messages Ezekiel brought to the exiles were about the coming destruction of Jerusalem. Later they were about hope for God's people. Ezekiel died in exile. He had seen the destruction of Jerusalem his beloved city.

But he also saw a beautiful vision of people living happily in a restored city called, 'The Lord is here.' "

Prayer Activity:

Advent is a time for preparation, a time for looking forward as Ezekiel did. You may like to say this prayer for the future and place a stone on the pile as a symbol of this.

'As the new day dawns, we rejoice in the first glimmers of light which remind us of your coming O Christ We give thanks that your light has overcome all our darkness; may we share in the mystery of your presence in the world, and be always ready to live each day for you Amen'

Play Activity:

Choose a symbol to make for Ezekiel and add it to the Jesse tree.