Prayer Stations for Remembrance Day: Remembrance and Peace

We felt it was important to offer an alternative to those who preferred something more family friendly than the large civic Remembrance Service.

We knew it was likely to be a small service so we decided to keep it simple and offer just two prayer stations, one remembering the effects of war and the other on the need for peace.

We began by telling the Godly Play story of Exile and Return. After the fall of Jerusalem the soldiers march the captured Israelites off to a life of exile in Babylon.

After the storytelling, the congregation had a choice of visiting the prayer stations or staying for a reflection.

This used Jesus' sayings from the Sermon on the Mount as a way of thinking about our attitude to remembrance. This was followed by intercessions.

Station 1: Remember


Today we are remembering all those have been affected by war:

Those who have lost friends or family
Those who have lost their homes
Those in exile
The injured
Those who have died

As a symbol of remembrance you may like to make or take a poppy to place on the cloth.

Station 2: Peace

Blue and white cloths created a calm atmosphere for this station. A vase of white flowers was placed on the font and three white doves of peace were placed on the wooden board at the back.


Today is an opportunity to pray for peace

Peace in places of fighting
Peace in our homes
Peace in our places of work
Peace in our churches
Our own personal peace

The peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

As a symbol of our prayers for peace you may like to make a dove or take one away with you

At the end of the service the Roll of Honour was read out by a child and the poppies were laid on a green cloth.