Creating a worship focus for Pentecost

The altar table was covered with red and gold cloths. The wooden model of Jerusalem was surrounded with pieces of the wooden flame puzzles. Red and orange flames, cut from felt were scattered over the floor.

A simple dove outline was cut out and stuck onto a blue background. The waterfall effect was created using gold and red ribbons sewn on to rings, which had sufficient weight to hold them on the table. (The ribbon rings are used by the children during worship songs and music.)

Red and gold cloths were used to drape a small table. We placed tea lights into bowl shaped candle holders and arranged the pieces of the wooden flame puzzle around them and on the floor. Rublev's icon of the Trinity was placed on the altar table behind.

A multi coloured banner with the word Pace (peace) was laid on the floor. During the creed, white felt circles and symbols of the Holy Trinity were placed upon it. (The symbols chosen came from the Godly Play Baptism story, the waters of Creation, the Christ candle and the dove). The congregation had all been given a feather which they dropped on to the banner.