Books to use in Lent

Weaving a Journey through Lent

Rachel Nicholl's book "Weaving a Journey Through Lent" contains 28 stories which follow Jesus' journey from his baptism and experiences in the desert, to the calling of the disciples and his ministry in the world, finally culminating in his final week in Jerusalem.

With each story is there is an opportunity for reflection, prayer, and response by weaving different colours of wool around a Mexican-style "Eye of God" cross.

The book is designed to be used in school assemblies, but our families used it in the home as a Lent book.

We found the stories worked for a wide age-range, and enabled the children to 'weave' their ideas about Christ's life, and make connections between the Gospel stories and their own lives and place in the world.

Various hues and sizes of cross were produced.

We didn't quite get our act together to use them in church, but they could have been incorporated during the Sundays of Lent, and also during Holy Week and Easter. However, a large cross was produced which has since been used in Gospel processions during all-age Eucharists.