Christingle Service 1

Story 1: The Creation

(We began in near darkness, sitting in the round)

In the beginning there was God...

"On the very first day, God gave us the gift of light... " (The lights are put on)

We continued telling the story of Creation, using the following symbols: water (pouring water into a bowl); dry land and growing things (plant and fruit); sun and moon (pictures of sun and moon); those that fly and those that swim in the sea (fish and birds); animals and people (small animal and people figures)

(A large orange Christingle was placed in the centre)

Song: Who made the world so round...

Story 2: The garden

When God made the World... He made a beautiful garden... A garden where everything was beautiful... Where there was enough to eat... And where everyone was happy

(Picture of paradise)

But we spoilt that Garden... We took fruits that were not ours to take... We did not remember God who gave us the fruits...

And God sent us out of that garden... And we had to work for our food... And it was hard... And people did not have enough... And we did not share... And there was hunger and suffering...

(Picture of hunger and toil)

(Fruits on cocktail sticks are placed on the Christingle orange)

Song: When God made the garden of Creation...

Story 3: God's love for his people

God loved the world that he had made... God loved the people who he had made... God sent his Son Jesus... To show us how much he loved us... Jesus stretched out his arms on the cross... To show us how much God loved us... To show us how to love each other...

(Place red ribbon around the Christingle)

Song: God's love is like a circle...

Story 4: Light

In the beginning was God... And in the beginning was the Light... And the Light shone in the darkness...

A man named John came from God... He told the people... That the Light was coming into the World... And that Light came into the world...

Jesus said I am the Light of the World... Who ever follows me will never walk in darkness... But will have the Light of life...

(A candle lit from the Paschal Candle is placed in the Christingle)

Song: Shine Jesus shine...

(The Christingles are given out)

Christingle means Christ Light... It reminds us of God who created the world...

It reminds us of the Garden of the World... that we need to look after and to share the fruits of that Garden with everyone...

It reminds us of God's love... It reminds us of Jesus on the cross

It reminds us of Jesus the Light of the World... It reminds us that Jesus came into the world to bring us Gods light

It reminds us that we are to be God's Light in the world

(The Christingles are lit)


Father God, We thank you that Jesus the Light was with you before creation.
Jesus, light of the world,
We worship and adore you.

We thank you that Jesus the Light shines in the darkness
Jesus, light of the world,
We worship and adore you.

We thank you that Jesus the Light came into the world.
Jesus, light of the world,
We worship and adore you.

We thank you that Jesus the Light shines in us, his children.
Jesus, light of the world,
we worship and adore you saying:
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and is, and is to come; to him be glory and honour for ever and ever. Amen.

Song: The Christingle begins with an orange...

You can download a PDF of the script for this service: here