Candlemas Worship for Under 5s

A script for a Candlemas service with under 5s and their carers.

You will need: baby doll; four cloaks; a shawl and special bag/basket with two doves; battery candles

Gathering activities:

For suggestions for gathering activities for under 5s : Click here


Today we are going to be thinking about candles and light, because it is a special time called Candlemas.


We are going to hear about some people who were very happy, so let's sing a happy song. (We used Jump for Joy)


You will need children to be: Mary (cloak), Joseph (cloak), baby, 2 doves, priest (cloak), Simeon (cloak), Anna (shawl)

When Jesus was still quite a young baby, about 8 days old, his parents, Mary and Joseph took him on a special journey. I wonder if anyone would like to be Mary and Joseph, and take Jesus on a journey. Mary can carry baby Jesus, and Joseph can carry this special bag. They went to the temple in Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph wanted to say thank you to God for giving them their baby.

Walk to a different part of the church, perhaps a side chapel

When they got there, they went and took a special present to the priest. Who would like to be the priest?

I wonder what is in the basket?

Oh look, it is two doves. Can Joseph give the doves to the priest?

When they were about to leave, something really amazing happened.

There were two very old people there, who had been waiting a long time for something special.

I wonder who would like to be Simeon?

Simeon was a very old priest. When he saw baby Jesus, he was so happy that he had found what he was waiting for. He said that Jesus would be very important; he would be like a light to shine on the world.

I wonder if anyone would like to be Anna?

Anna came and said a special prayer for baby Jesus. She said thank you to God for the baby who would change everything. Anna hurried round telling everyone that there was a special baby in the temple that day.

Mary and Joseph came to the temple to offer their baby to God and say thank you. When they went home, they knew that their baby was very special.


Jesus bids us shine

You will need battery candles

I am going to play a song about Jesus asking us to shine like little candles shining in the darkness, and shine out his love to the world. I wonder if you would like to take a little battery candle and go and find a dark place for it to shine in. Then, when the music stops, bring the candle back to the altar and put it beside the baby.

Place battery candles on a tray around the baby then place it on the altar.


Mary and Joseph went to the temple to say thank you to God for their baby son Jesus. I wonder what we can say thank you to God for?

Perhaps you would like to write or draw something you would like to say thank you for onto one of these flames, and then come and hang it on the prayer tree.

Mary and Joseph said thank you to God for their son, Jesus.

Simeon and Anna said thank you to God because they had seen the special baby, God's light for the world.
We say thank you to God. Amen

Closing activities:

The service finished with another song and with extinguishing the candles. Craft activities were offered in the church hall - these included making doves and flame patterns.

You can download a PDF of the script: here