How to make Posada figures

Our Posada figures of Mary and Joseph travel around the parish, staying at a different house each night. They are finally brought along to our Crib Service on Christmas Eve, where baby Jesus is added to the tableau.

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For each figure you will need:

5 wire coat hangers
Garden wire
Old tights
Rags, old towels or sheets
Sewing kit
Fabric for clothing
Wool (for hair)

Step 1:

Open out each of the wire coat hangers. Make a matchstick person from the coathangers using one coathanger for the body and the others for arms and legs.

Step 2:

Wrap strips of cloth (old rugs, towels, rags etc) around the arms and legs. Cut the legs off the tights and wind them around on top. Stitch them down to hold them in place.

Step 3:

Use wadding to make the torso ...

... the hands and feet ...

... and the head. The arms and the legs are about 50cm long, and the head circuference is about 35cm. Use the seat of the tights to cover these areas and stitch down.

Step 4:

Stitch on wool hair and beard and embroider the face. For the men and baby use wool loops; for the women make it loose.

Step 5:

For the baby use wadding instead of coat hangers for the legs. Mary's detachable "bump" is made from a bathroom sponge.

Step 6:

Clothe the figures by making simple tunics and headdresses . To make the figures more versatile make the clothes removable.

With many thanks to Eleanor Whalley     

and St Andrew's Church, Chesterton