How to make Crib Figures

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For each figure you will need:

Strong cardboard (you can use old boxes)
Wire coat hanger
Rubber bands
Glue (wallpaper paste)
Fabric for clothing
Wool (for hair)

Step 1:

Use the strong cardboard to make a cone shape. You may need to score the sides to bend the cardboard but this will not show under the clothes.

Step 2:

Cut the wire coat hanger along the base and open it out for the arms. Fix it onto the cardboard cone using sellotape

Step 3:

Fix newspaper onto the arm wires using rubber bands.

Step 4:

Use a scrunched up ball of newspaper for the head. Fix it onto the hook of the hanger using rubber bands.

Step 5:

Use a wide strip of gummed paper. Fix it over the shoulders to anchor the arms to the body.

Step 6:

Take half a piece of damp newspaper and fix over the head with a rubber band.

Build up "muscle" and the neck and head using glue-dipped paper strips.

Step 7:

Model the face using papier mache. Paint the face and facial features. Wool or thread hair can be stuck on.

The models are now ready to be clothed, using fabric stuck on to the cardboard.



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