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Prayer: Creating opportunites for prayer in worship, schools and other settings

Godly Play: What is Godly Play; starting up; free response and more...

Sacred Space: Quiet rooms, creating a focus, Prayer Stations...

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Children's Spirituality
(What it is and why it matters)

by Rebecca Nye

In Children's Spirituality, Rebecca Nye focuses on how we encounter children’s spirituality and on ways of nurturing it using the acronym SPIRIT: Space, Process, Imagination, Relationship, Intimacy and Trust. Each section ends with questions for discussion to encourage us to explore children’s spirituality more deeply.

published by Church House Publishing
2009    ISBN 978-0715140277

The Spirit of the Child

by David Hay with Rebecca Nye

The Spirit of the Child is based on research into children's spirituality carried out by Rebecca Nye with primary age children. David Hay makes the case that even young children have spiritual experiences and awareness and that spirituality is inherent to all human beings. He describes the need to nurture children’s spirituality and prevent it from being harmed by social pressures.

published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
2006 (Revised edition)    ISBN 978-1843103710