Footsteps at a distance: Good Friday to Easter Day

I chose to tell Good Friday and Easter Day outside. I thought this might help create an atmosphere for these two key stories and provide a contrast to the earlier stories that had been told inside.

For Good Friday I set up four areas: the high priest's house, Pilate, the cross with the crown of thorns and the tomb in different parts of the garden. As my phone video does not have a pause button I had to point it at the ground whilst travelling between the stations.

For Easter Day I used the wooden figures and told the story of Mary Magdalene in the garden. I tried to pick my time so that Good Friday was overcast and Easter Day sunny!

The YouTube link for Good Friday is here: Good Friday

A PDF of the script is here: Good Friday

The YouTube link for Easter Day is here: Easter Day

A PDF of the script is here: Easter Day

Response ideas

a) Making crosses:

You may like to wind wool round two sticks to make a cross.

You may like to look at these pictures of El Salvador crosses and then design your own cross with a picture: El Salvador crosses

b) Easter gardens:

You may like to make an Easter garden. Put earth or moss ona plate and use stones or a flower pot to make a tomb. Decorate with flowers, shells and other natural materials.

c) Cake decorating:

Easter is a time of celebration. You may like to bake cupcakes and decorate them.

d) Easter egg hunt

You may like to cut out an Easter egg shape, decorate it and put it in your window for anyone in your village or town who is going on an Easter egg hunt.

e) Free response:

You are welcome to have a completely free response to this story – painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, collage, lego, knex, playdough, creating something using your toys. You can do something to do with the whole story, part of the story, or something that the story has made you think about.


If you or your family would like to write or say a prayer you may like to write it on a prayer leaf and take a photo for sharing.


April 2020