Footsteps at a distance: Jesus and the children

I chose Jesus and the children as the first story. As we are not a Sunday group there was no need to follow the lectionary and I wanted a story that would be reassuring to the children and help them feel that they are still valued amidst all the upheaval and chaos.

The script for Jesus and the children is based on the Bible passages and told reflectively with wooden figures and coloured underlays. At the end I used the wondering questions:

"I wonder what you liked best?" "I wonder if there is anything you would like to change about this story?" "I wonder how you would like to respond to today's story?"

The YouTube link is here: Jesus and the children

I also offered the following ideas for response:

1 Free response

You are welcome to have a completely free response to this story – painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, collage, lego, knex, playdough, creating something using your toys. You can do something to do with the whole story, part of the story, or something that the story has made you think about.

Parents/carers: It can be hard to step back and let your children do something that seems to have no connection with the story but don't worry about it!

It's fine. (As a teacher I found it really difficult to start with too.) Your children may be thinking about the story in ways they can't express. Also don't worry about having a great finished product – if your child has been happy creating that is fine.

If you would like some activity ideas:

a) The parents brought their children to be blessed by Jesus:

What were those children like? What were their parents like?

You may like to try a self-portrait or do pictures of other people in your family. If you want to do a picture of yourself you will need a mirror. Draw a shape for your face but have a good look first!

b) Let the children come to me spinner:

Link here

c) The road to Jerusalem:

You may like to create the road to Jerusalem by drawing or painting or by using 3d materials like cloths and blocks. You may like to add some people by making them out of card or paper rolls.

d) Dancing child:

Origami child right at the start of this youtube video: Dancing child

3 Prayer

If you or your family would like to write or say a prayer you may like to write it on a prayer leaf and take a photo for sharing.


March 2020