Footsteps at a distance: Palm Sunday

While I wanted to show the triumphal entry into Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, I also wanted to show Jerusalem as an occupied city under Roman rule and also the role of the priests and their growing antagonism towards Jesus.

The script for Palm Sunday is told reflectively with wooden figures and coloured underlays.

At the end I used the wondering questions:

"I wonder what you liked best?" "I wonder if there is anything you would like to change about this story?" "I wonder how you would like to respond to today's story?"

The YouTube link is here: Palm Sunday

A PDF of the script is here: Triumphal entry

Response ideas

a) An Easter Aventure:

Searching through Holy Week story trail - find some objects and symbols in your house or garden to help tell the Easter story.

An Easter adventure includes other simple Holy Week activities): An Easter Adventure

b) Palm leaf weaving:

You may like to weave palm leaves (number 2 on this link): Palm leaf

c) Palm frond colouring:

You may like to print off this palm frond and do some reflective colouring: Palm frond

d) Free response:

You are welcome to have a completely free response to this story – painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, collage, lego, knex, playdough, creating something using your toys. You can do something to do with the whole story, part of the story, or something that the story has made you think about.


If you or your family would like to write or say a prayer you may like to write it on a prayer leaf and take a photo for sharing.


April 2020