School events

Churches and Christian groups can create opportunities to offer larger events to children in schools.

The Church Schools of Cambridge organise regular events that include reflective storytelling, prayer activities and creative response and these have been the basis for events offered to other schools.

The events are visited by classes individually and last about an hour and a half. Themes have included Easter, Advent and Saints and Pilgrims.

The events have been held in a variety of churches and in areas within the school itself. Drama and Godly Play have both been used as part of the storytelling.

Other events include R.E. days involving the whole school, where the children are split into groups of varying ages, from reception to Year 6, rotating around a variety of activities. Themes have included Worship and The Bible.

As with all involvement in schools, care needs to be taken to respect the beliefs of children of all faiths and none.

Reflective storytelling, prayer opportunities and creative response

Autumn Term

Saints and Pilgrims: Telling the stories of Julian of Norwich, Maximilian Kolbe and Francis of Assissi at different stations, with reflective questions and creative response.

Jesus the King: Stories of the Kingdom The parable of the Pearl, the Mustard Seed and the Great Banquet giving insights into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Path to the Stable: a journey through Advent: a look at the role of the prophets, John the Baptist and Mary in the Christian story

Beyond the Stable: journeying through Christmas: focusing on the powerful (Herod and the magi), the prayerful (Anna and Simeon,) and the dispossessed (the shepherds) and linking their stories to life today

Spring Term

Lent: Jesus in the Wilderness Empty or full? Fame or trust? Powerful or serving? How should we choose?

Summer Term

Wind and Flame: Pentecost The upper room, fruit of the spirit, the dove - different aspects of the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit

School events: R.E. days

Worship Day: An R.E. day for the whole school focused on Worship and Prayer. Including different ways of praying, creating worship spaces, music in worship, confession and intercession: different kinds of prayer, making symbols.

Created World: An interactive event exploring the theme of creation

Other events

Creating a Quiet Room: Supporting the spiritual needs of children during a "Health Promoting Schools" week. Hidden treasures, touch and feel, extreme landscapes, chill out space...