School: Creating a focus

Many church schools in England (both voluntary controlled and voluntary aided) will have displays around the school as a way of showing their distinctive Christian character...

In the entrance hall

The church year:

This display was created by a local craftsman, who was also a parent. It is based in part on the Godly Play Circle of the Church Year and shows the colours of the church seasons - purple for Advent and Lent, white for Christmas and Epiphany, gold for Easter and Pentecost, green for Trinity.

The school planned to add to the display with children's work for the appropriate seasons.


Every child in the school was invited to make and decorate their own cross. A wooden painted Latin American cross was used as a centre piece and a selection of the children's crosses arranged around it. The children used a wide variety of materials - one child even made one out of flowers!

A special candle

Our end of term leavers' service was based around the poem "Footprints".

In response to this one parent made the school a special candle holder. The base has sand, shells and tiny footprints marking a path in the sand.

Around the edge are the words "I carried you, I will never leave you."

Painted glass

As part of the school's 150th anniversary celebrations the children were asked to do a glass painting that represented the school and the local area.

Several of the pictures were chosen to be displayed at the entrance to the school. They were hung in the window so that the light could shine through them.