Sacred Space

Sacred space can be any place that helps brings us into the presence of God.

Some of these occur naturally. Looking down from a mountain top, watching breaking waves, sitting beside a peaceful lake, we may wonder at creation and draw near to God.

Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and Iona, home to prayerful communities for centuries, are often described as "thin places".

They are places of luminous quality where the eternal world seems closer.

Sacred spaces can be created. Cathedrals, churches and chapels, built for the glory of God can be places of awe-filled silence, where the prayers of the people of God can be almost tangible.

But sacred spaces can be small places too a corner of a room, a special place in a church, a transient place re-created each week.

We all have our own sacred spaces. They are an intrinsic part, not just of Christianity, but of many religions and spiritualities.

How can we create sacred space for the children we work with and help them to discover their own sacred spaces?

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