Christian Play Areas: Easter

Colourful Ukrainian painted eggs are rich in symbolism - for example red is the colour of happiness, flowers and trees symbolise new life and grapes symbolise brotherhood. Christian symbols include the fish, the cross, and the triad of earth, wind and fire for the Trinity.

The butterfly is a Christian symbol of the resurrection - after its time in the cocoon it emerges more beautiful and powerful than before. It is also the symbol of our own hope of resurrection.

These multi-sensory soft versions of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Beautiful Butterfly are good for very young children and babies.

This Easter cube shows scenes of children celebrating Easter including hunting for Easter eggs and going to church.

Chicks and eggs are symbols of new life.

A basket of soft chicks for children to cuddle

Cockerels are usually thought of as symbol of Jesus' passion, remembering Peter's denial of Jesus. However the cockerel is also a symbol of the resurrection - it rises early in the morning to greet the dawn of Easter Day.

An Easter tree for children to decorate with eggs and other symbols of Easter.

The children were given paper plates, cross cut outs and decorative bits and stickers to decorate a cross for Easter Sunday.

Egg shapes and wax pens for decorating them.