Christian Play Areas: Baptism

Children, including non church going children, are often present at baptisms and a baptism set is a good way for them to engage with what is going on in the service.

In children's play areas, children often re-enact their own baptism or the baptism of siblings, if they were too young to remember their own. A baptism set is useful for any baptism preparation that involves the whole family.

A baptism set could include:

A baby doll or dolls. You might also like to include a child doll, especially if you are using the baptism set with a child who is going to be baptised.

A jug and bowl, and a scallop shell if that is used in your church. Small jugs and bowls can be found in charity shops. The children love it if a small amount of water is added.

The larger "font" in this picture is a bird bath found at a gardening centre!

The wave puzzle and blue shiny stones symbolise the water of baptism. A dove symbolises the Holy Spirit, and a baptism candle represents Jesus, the light of the world.