It is important to give children the opportunity to play with Bible stories - exploring different elements and relating it to themselves and their world.

You could leave materials relating to a particular story freely accessible to children, maybe as part of a sacred space.

You could also leave out a set of toys which can be used to extend and enhance play.

For example wooden bricks, duplo and lego, plastic and wooden animals and coloured cloths and ribbons.

Here a three year old has used the wooden rainbow and wave to create the Tower of Babel. Playmobile figures are climbing up and an aeroplane waits nearby to fly up to heaven in case the tower fails.

Sand could be used with Old Testament stories such as Exodus and Abraham's travels and also for the story of Jesus in the wilderness.

It could be contained in a "desert box" inside or a sandpit outside.

Water could also be used inside and outside - in bowls, bathtubs and paddling pools.

Stories inlcude Creation, Noah, Jonah, Jesus calming the storm and Baptism.

Here we have wooden and plastic fish and sea creatures, glass glimmers, blue ribbons, wooden wave, a collection of stones and a bowl of water on a blue sheet.

Doctor's sets, and doctor and nurse costumes, can be used with Bible stories about sickness and healing. Here the rubber eggs from the Easter shelf were brought in to incubate a penicillin vaccine.