Child's eye view

Our earliest experiences are the foundations of our journey in the Christian faith. What we see, hear and experience as a small child stays with us as we grow, and provides the positive and unfortunately negative experiences upon which we build.

Is church the place where:

I am the smallest

I cannot see what is going on

I am told to be quiet

I cannot join in

I cannot move around

I cannot talk

I cannot play

The big people seem very serious

Is church somewhere I cannot be a child?

Or is church the place where:

I do not go

I am separated from my parents and other people look after me

I am given toys and games to play with - Thomas the Tank engine, dolls and things

Sometimes I cry

Or is church somewhere:

Big people go

Strange things happen

I am not allowed

I do not feel I belong

I can only go occasionally

It all feels strange

I do not know what is going on

I can go when I grow up

Perhaps church is somewhere I can be without being a disturbance?

What message does the faith community give to a small child?

How does this experience affect our youngest children’s faith journey?

What do they learn and experience of worship?