Craft for Under 5s

Creation: Light

Genesis Chapter 1 verses 3 - 5

A box of cut up bits of red and orange tissue paper, gold or silver shiny paper and other glittery pieces, makes it easy for small children to create effective collages. For the theme of light, I used a flame shape, with the choice of collage or painting with gold or bronze paint.

Creation: All the things that fly in the air...

Genesis Chapter 1 verses 20 - 23

For the story of the fifth day of creation, the craft focussed on all the things that fly in the air. We talked about birds, bats and insects including butterflies. The children were given ready cut symmetrical butterfly shapes, encouraged to paint one side only and then fold their butterfly in half.


Matthew Chapter 2 verses 1 - 13

The children worked together to create a scene for the journey of the wise men. They could choose whether to have a cut out of one of the magi or a camel. The camels were painted and then decorated with adhesive jewels (often found in pound shops). The wise men were given clothes made from fabric, painted or coloured, depending on the child's choice.

The background used brown paper for the desert and black sugar paper for the sky. The scene was created on a lightweightboard avaliable from stationers and displayed in the church.

Lost in the temple

Luke Chapter 2 verses 41 - 52

After the story of Jesus being lost in the temple the children were given a cutout of "Jerusalem" and a selection of towers and domes to create their own city. They drew round a small wooden figure for Jesus.

The man who was let down through the roof

Mark Chapter 2 verses 1 - 12

"Thank you God for friends" was a simple prayer to follow the story of the paralysed man whose friends let him down through the roof so that he might meet Jesus. The children used handprints to decorate the prayer. There was the choice of drawing round their hands and decorating them for those who did not like getting messy.

As quite often happens with the craft, the parents and carers were keen to take part too - so there are adult hand prints mixed in with the children's!

Jesus heals a blind man

Mark Chapter 10 verses 46 - 52

After telling the story of Blind Bartimaeus we talked with the children about what it was like for Bartimaeus being unable to see and how he would have used his other senses like touch and hearing. The children made "feeling" pictures using hessian strips, fake fur, leaves, tissue paper, twigs, cotton wool, feathers and a variety of other materials.

The parable of the Prodigal Son

Mark Chapter 10 verses 46 - 52

One of the themes of this parable is the father's unconditional love for his son. The children chose a coloured heart shape (not just pink!) and decorated it using heart stickers, jewels, glitter and felt tips.

The Last Supper

Mark Chapter 14 verses 22 - 25

We told the story of the Last Supper with foot washing and sharing of bread and juice.

The children were all given bread dough which they floured and made into different shapes. The finished rolls were then taken home to rise and bake.

Bread dough recipe

500g flour
Sachet of yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
Warm water to mix
Extra flour in sifter

Mix the ingredients together and then knead well. Allow to rise, then knead again before giving it to the children. Depending on size the children's rolls should take around 20 minutes to bake at 200 degrees celsius.

Easter: Breakfast on the Beach

John Chapter 21 verses 1 - 17

These fish shapes are 3 dimensional and stuffed with newspaper.

Cut two identical fish shapes from plain paper. Put a line of glue (PVC) around the edges of one shape.

Place scrunched up newspaper on top of the fish shape.

Press the other fish shape on top and make sure to pinch the edges all round so that there are no gaps.

I made the fish beforehand as part of the story of the miraculous catch of fish, but they could be made with the children. The children painted the fish during the craft activity.