Holy Communion: the different elements of worship

This series suggest ideas for sessions with children in a church setting, looking at the different elements of a service of Holy Communion.



Use the words of the Greeting, for example "The Lord be with you" with the response "And also with you." Show the children the sign language for the Greeting (either Makaton or British Sign Language)

Younger play:

Play church with a variety of play people, and linking toys of various kinds

Creative response:

Make a poster with a church with different greetings in various languages.

Other materials:

Pictures from Welcome to the Mass of the different actions/vessels etc used within the Eucharistic Prayer; Widget cards of the different Elements of the Service. Holy Communion clock with different elements of the service and a hand indicating where we are in the service.


Younger play:

Basket of crosses, basket of hearts, cross puzzles

Creative response:

Paper plates - either one or two plates stuck together to make a hanging. "Sorry" was written on one side and "God loves us" on the other; these were then decorated.

Other children used post it notes in the shape of hearts and crosses and scratch art crosses.

Other materials and activities:

We used the Makaton signs for "Jesus", "cross", "sorry" and "wash/forgiven". We also talked to the children as they worked about how they feel when something bad happens, God forgiving us etc.


Makaton training in worship

can be found here


information and publications can be found here. The bereavement signs booklet includes some worship signs (for example "God" and "forgiveness".)

Widgit cards

are a speech and language development resource. More information can be found here

Holy Communion clocks

can be downloaded here

Welcome to the Mass

is a collection of photos showing different actions and materials that are used during communion services. You can find more information here