Cliff College

Cliff College is an ecumenical college which aims to provide biblical, missional and pastoral training so that graduates are better prepared, equipped and discipled for any Christian ministry they undertake. It is located in Calver, Derbyshire.

For those interested in children's ministry it offers:

Diploma in Children, Ministry and Mission:

A two year part-time undergraduate course aimed at those working with children in church, weekday clubs, street, uniformed organisations or school settings.

Modules include: Theology and Culture, The Child and the Church, Personal and Professional Development, The Ethics of Evangelism, Issues facing Children and Schools Mission and Ministry (optional)

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Diploma in Children Mission and Ministry

BA (Hons) in Mission and Ministry (Children, Youth, Third Age, Creative Arts):

This two year part-time course builds on the Children Mission and Ministry course.

The teaching units currently include Cultural Perspectives on Christian Mission, Christian Education and Formation, Management of Self and Work, Childhood, Adolescence and Third Age, Christian Service and Ministry and a Dissertation.

Ian White MA PGDip, the programme leader, manages the part-time vocational ministry courses.

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BA (Hons) in Mission and Ministry (Children, Youth, Third Age, Creative Arts)

MA in Mission(Children):

Cliff College also offers an MA in Mission (Children) for those who want to explore new ways of engaging missionally with children and young people. For more information:
For more information:
MA Mission (Children)

Photographs courtesy of Cliff College