Using cloths in school displays

Cloths can instantly transform cluttered areas. I started by using old white sheets until my husband commented it made the room look like a laundry!

Since then I have acquired a variety of cloths - some free, others at relatively low cost - which I have used again and again.

Two of my favourite cloths are purple/gold curtains, which I got for free following a post by the giver on the local community facebook page.

As they are large and fairly heavy they are easy to throw over cluttered tables and shelves.

Black cloths add depth... We use a mix of black sheets, 3 metre lengths of black polycotton and old black out material.

Backcloths: Our back cloths were painted by the children (which accounts for the somewhat surreal effect!). We use old sheets (usually blue) bought from charity shops.

Coloured cloths: We use 3 metres of brightly coloured polycotton, bought from our local sewing and material shop.

We use hessian to create an effect of bareness and simplicity. We also use it for wilderness, desert and mountainous landscapes and roads.

Organza can be used in a variety of ways - red draped from the cross, green and blue for water and sea effects, gold for kingdom and glory.