Signing in Worship

Enriching spiritual lives through training in the use of Makaton signs and symbols

Information on Training Days run by Prospects in the UK can be found here: Click here

Makaton Signing is based on British Sign Language and has been developed particularly to help people with learning difficulties communicate more effectively.

The benefits of learning to sign key words in a sentence or song have made a huge difference in the lives of many people. Through the CBeebies "Something Special" programme, Mr Tumble has made Makaton signs popular with children of all backgrounds.

The signs are increasingly used in main-stream education in pre-schools and primary schools. It is a great aid to inclusive education.

Using Makaton signing in worship and Bible stories helps:

Children and people of all ages with learning difficulties engage with worship;
Adults use their hands and bodies in expressive worship;
Provide inclusive worship as the body of Christ.


courtesy of Kate and Steve Gaze. The first shows the sign for "friend", the second is part of the Big Bible Verse Challenge. For more information: Big Bible Verse Challenge