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Celebrating children's spirituality, their insights, experiences, gifts and questions.

Discovering ways we can travel alongside children on our shared Christian journey of faith.

Providing support, ideas and resources for those involved in children's ministry within a Christian context.

What's new:

Christ the King: Offering the labyrinth as an opportunity to explore the question: "What kind of a king was Jesus?"

What's where:

Spirituality Links to: Prayer; Godly Play; Sacred Space; Story and Labyrinths

Child in Church Links to: Thoughts on Worship; Services; Prayer; Prayer Stations; Under 5s; Baptism; Holy Communion; Liturgy Boxes and Children's areas in church.

Seasonal The church year from Advent to Christ the King. Including Seasonal Journey from Lent to Pentecost and Tree of Life - using a Christmas tree cross from Christmas to Creation.

Community Links to: Children at home; Footsteps and Creative Church (reaching out to those who don't attend church); Wider Community and Special needs.

Schools Including links to Events; R.E days; Godly Play in School; Prayer

Seasonal material:


Advent wreath: Prayers and symbols for an Advent wreath written by Rachel Nicholls.

Posada: Figures of Mary and Jospeh travel around the parish visiting different families during Advent and are brought to church on Christmas Eve.

Jesse Tree: The Jesse tree shows Jesus' family tree and is used during Advent to point the way to the coming Messiah.

Path to the Stable: A Footsteps event for Advent involving story telling and creative response at different stations. The same material was used as the basis for an event in two different locations - a small rural church and a large city church, where it was used as a schools' event by the Church Schools of Cambridge.

A Jesse Tree for Advent: A book to help you use a Jesse Tree with schools or children at home.

Advent prayer stations: The prophets Prayer stations to help people prepare for Christ's coming by looking at the prophets - especially Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel (Second Sunday of Advent).

Advent prayer stations: John the Baptist: Light in the dark, the voice in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord and Baptism are the themes for these prayer stations for the third Sunday of Advent.


Crib service 1: Bethlehem and beyond The story is told using crib figures and includes a procession to show that the nativity is not just about a baby in a manger but leads on to Jesus' ministry, death and resurrection.

Crib service 2: Travelling together A retelling of the Nativity story focussing on journeying together with people from all times and places as they try to follow Jesus.

Crib service 3: Who is welcome at the Crib? Is it the outcast shepherds, the powerful wise men, the busy executive, the family returning from the foodbank or the noisy children?

Crib service 4: Light in the dark: A crib service that starts at the very beginning with the story of Creation and shows the birth of Jesus as part of God's relationship with his people

Carols for under 5s: Carols for small children set to well known nursery rhyme tunes.

The legend of the poinsettia: The story of two children who had nothing to give to the Christ child.


Epiphany Liquid Worship Prayer stations to celebrate the visit of the wise men, reflecting on gifts, journeying and the Christmas king.